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    Vision Recumbent

    Some thoughts please on the Vision recumbents. Thanks.

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    I have owned my Vision R40 since last September. I have almost 700 miles on it. Rode my first century on it on Memorial Day. When I first bought it and first started riding it I kept asking myself how come I did not buy one sooner. It is so comfortable to ride. There is no pressure on your back, arms, hands or neck like you get from riding a upright. Not to mention they are faster on down hills and flats. The only disadvantage I have found so far is hill climbing. But that is for all recumbents, not just Vision.

    Mine is a Short Wheel Base, SWB with Over Seat Steering, OSS. The neat thing about Vision's is you can turn them into Long Wheel Base, LWB bikes easily using the same fork and handle bars, etc. You can also put a front suspension fork on Vision recumbents as well. And Vision does make a expensive Titanium model.

    Have you checked out yet? If you have not I suggest you do to look at their differant models available.

    On a recumbent you will have a 10% to 15% aerodynamic advantage over a wedgie.

    Here is a link to a article I am in from my local newspaper. It is about recumbents.

    Is there a Vision dealer in your area? You may want to go visit them too.

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    I'm with the b_rider, I also have a Vision R40 but it's under the seat steering.
    Got mine 4 years ago, shocked front.

    I found the SWB (cranks out in front of the front tire) steering squirrely for
    the first thousand miles. I scarcely notice it now. Also it's tough to look over
    your shoulder properly.

    If you go recumbent, be sure to use a clipless system. Your knees will thank you.

    I scarcely ride anything else now. Still get on the DF for touring though.
    Nothing hurts when you get off of a recumbent!!!
    Greenspeed GTO 1027

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