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    Wednesday Fixie Ride (seattle)

    Hey I want to meet some other fixie riders in Seattle and I feel like riding always so I wanted to organize a weekly thing, especially because there's no events in the area on Wednesday nights. If people want to come awesome, if not, I'll ride around Westlake for a half an hour every Wednesday. We ride from Westlake to Red Square by way of the Fremont Bridge and the Burke-Gilman. Once there, we hang out for a while, because it's a perfect place for skidding, trackstanding, trick learning, and just general hanging out. Maybe we'll even play a game or two of foot down. Bring a beer or two and we'll have a good time. From there, we can pick another destination for food and/or drink and then we ride.

    TIME: Wednesdays, 7pm
    WHERE: Westlake to Red Square

    I will be in Westlake, just kind of riding around from like 6:30ish until 7 every week and if no one shows up by then I'm taking off. If you live or work on the Red Square side of things and want to catch me/us there, let me know. I'm tall with red hair and a red cap on a green Peugeot. If you see me, holla. Seven is my name. I'm a really rad dude, so bring all your friends.

    PM me for some digits if you want to do it that way.
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