So you thought everyone forgot this year? Hell no. For those who donít know what this race is about, hereís the scoop: A cheap, fun, fast, hectic race for those who usually donít race, for those who race and donít place, and most of all, for the ALLEYCAT VIRGINS. You know who you are.

Always in the top five? Come out and drink. Top ten? Come out and race. DFLs and rookies, dilettantes and wallflowers, come show your ****! Win some cash, win some booze, get reckless at the last race of 2007.

Cash prizes:

1st: 50%

2nd: 35%

3rd: 15%

And a SHINING GOLDEN ANDRE for top 5!!!

Short and sweet. Six checkpoints, all Manhattan, cash prizes. FIVE DOLLARS TO RACE.

2pm Register at the polo courts, Chrystie and Broome. Show up early, play some polo!

3pm race. It gets dark early, so this thing will be starting on time. Youíll want some time to plan your route, so donít be late!!