Race start: 4pm, May 10
registration/sign-up starts 3:30pm

Because Tulip Fest just wouldn't be fun without shooting a few dozen bicycles through it.

As always, we shall be ending at my favorite little corner bar with cheap eats and plentiful beer.

There will be art! Scene kids! Drunk trashy people! Bike cops on poorly fit rebadges! Math! A great carrying of things! And some of the finest tarmac in the city of Albany. Ride any uni or bike or trike you like; as long as it's got wheels and pedals and is you-powered, it's all good. You will not be turned away for excess spandex or your lack of white belts.

Entry fee gets you a neato handmade spoke card and a shot at being the baddest ass in the Capital Region.

Pre-registration via email to soze@fork-bomb.com is encouraged for planning purposes. Dear god help me make a better guess at how many of these damn cards I gotta make.

PS - please don't get me arrested.