Pittsburgh Calling to the faraway towns... and the locals.

October 25th

Strip Sprints - In the early afternoon test your flat out speed in a bracketed two-up sprint series.

Main Event - Pittsburgh Calling. Early evening. Competitive and fun class. Essentially a choice between a short and long course, competitive or just for kicks with friends. Time penalties issued to USCF license holders, and anyone else we like in the Competitive Class.

Afterparty - Prizes, music, refreshments. Better than the "usual."

October 26th

Polo Tournament - Pittsburgh hosts its second bike polo tournament. We have an outdoor roller hockey court and essentially play by the accepted current tournament rules with a few local variations as always. This will start pretty early to get all the games in, so be sure to party yourself into proper game shape the evening before.

Details, locations etc will be available at www.pghalleycat.com as the date comes near.

Out of towners: We want you to have a good, safe time in our town. Get in touch about potential housing needs.