The March 14, 2010 Aloha Sunday Event Listing:

a) warm-up: “simon says” trackstand
b) sprints. course set along-side historic diamond head. competitors will race clockwise around diamond head and climb monsarrat avenue.
c) cool-down: longest skid competition
d) group footdown
e) individual trick competition! fixed gear freestyle riders will have three minutes to impress judges with their best lines.
f) BIKE POLO. there will be pick-up games of bike polo throughout the day.

All events will be divided into girls and boys categories. Prizes for all winners in all categories will be provided by local organizations.

A bit of history: there were various forms of “Aloha Sunday” revolving around in the fall of 2007. At the time, Honolulu’s fixed gear community was in its infant stages. Then Ryan Lau created the Aloha Fixed community. Shortly afterwards, Lau and co-conspirator Franz Bruggemeier created the first “Aloha Sunday” event in January of 2008.

Aloha Sunday was created as a gathering of the fixed gear community in Honolulu. The first events revolved around sprints, longest skids and track stands, and best trick. Aloha Sundays grew as the Aloha Fixed community grew.

Two years later, Aloha Sunday had all but disappeared. Founding organizers Bruggemeier and Lau found different cycling passions (Bruggemeier as a competitive road cyclist and Lau as a fixed gear freestyle rider) and time, work, life prevented them from pursuing another Aloha Sunday event.

After speaking with Lau and many of veteran participants, Grant Taylor and I decided to embark on the task of reviving Aloha Sunday. The event will be held on March 14, 2010 from 11 AM until sundown. It will be free to participate in all the events and vegetarian potluck entrees are encouraged.

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