tinyfixscoutrace by miss_kaz, on Flickr

Tiny Fix is throwing our second alleycat, the Tiny Fix Scout Race, on October 6th at 3PM.. We make all our races really friendly and inviting, and we get a great turnout and have a ton of fun.

The idea is that you move through 5 checkpoints on a route of about ten miles and complete activities to earn merit badges. Racers have the option of earning additional points by being knot-tying champions and being prepared. Whoever earns the most points gets “Tiny Scout of the Year.”

We also have a longer route that’s less arts&crafts and more running reds and skitching cabs, for the speed freaks. Whoever completes all the extra speed checkpoints the fastest earns “Tiny Eagle Scout.”

If you were at our last race, you know that we have the sickest prizes, and Tiny Fix races are a great way for people who don’t regularly do alleycats to experience a checkpoint race.

CONFIRMED SPONSORS: Bike Lane, Trash Bags, Bang Bang Pie, Cards Against Humanity, Retrogression (thanks, Scrod!), more TBA!

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