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    R3 or Emonda - Need some perspectives

    I realize that these questions usually stir up the pot, but here goes nothing.

    I have narrowed it down to two bikes Emonda SL or a Cervelo R3. I don't race, but I do ride hard. I like an aggressive bike but I can't ride an H1 anymore without an ugly stack height (yes, my bars are still lower than my seat but not as much as when I rode in college) I plan on riding this for 5-8 years before the next bike is due. I am not getting rid of my Madone as it is nice to have a good backup. Weight is important and both are an improvement from my Madone.

    The R3 would be a stock Ultegra Di2 with the only change being to shorten the cranks to 170.

    The Emonda SL would either be a frame build up (Need to wait for 2016s as they are out of 54 frames) or convert a SL6 if I can get a good deal. Both would be set up with Di2. I will be doing the work on both, which is not a concern to me.

    Pro - I love my 09 Madone (Similar geometry), have a Trek LBS close for any parts, will have very little throw away parts (frame build)
    Con - Converting SL6 will have a bunch of spare parts (Not much value on ebay).

    Pro - Stock build, minus crank arms. Geometry is close enough that I can easily tweak to my measurements.
    Con - Never had a Cervelo in my 25 years of riding, LBS is 30+ mins away

    The pricing is relatively similar across all three platforms.

    Any feedback from folks that have had both? Warranty coverage on the frames, annoying design flaws (like my rear cable exits right at the quick release on my madone)


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    I went from a Madone to a Emonda and transferred my "fit" with no issues. The bike is flawless and I haven't needed to change anything in the 2500 miles i've ridden.

    For me it was a "no brainer".

    LBS was not an issue since they also sold Cannondale, Cervelo, Felt, BMC and Pinerello.

    If you like the fit of the Madone.. wait for the 2016. It's only a few more months.

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