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    A few thoughts, and a few questions.

    4 months into cycling now and I was able to have a very good T-day weekend. Got in 100 miles of pure bliss with unseasonable perfect weather. I keep some data on all my rides but the visual data is starting to show up which means so much more than pure numbers. At first my legs would give out long before any real cardio taxing. Now, that is changing in that I can tax my cardio, take a break and then tax it somemore. My road rides with climbing can now last 25+ miles. Loving cycling so much I can barely sleep at night due to thinking of it, unless I do a long ride that day....

    What are the benefits of sprint intervals?

    Do you do 'recovery rides' in zone 1 or 2?

    What heart rate monitor do you prefer?

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    Congrats on a good start to your cycling career.

    I don't really do recovery rides, but if I did it would be zone 2 before getting carried away & working hard,

    & I use a Garmin with HRM.

    Don't be afraid to fine tune your riding position (saddle, cleats, etc.) as things will change as you get more fit,

    & if you sleep with your bike, wrap the drive-train with a garbage bag to keep the sheets clean.

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    1. The benefit of sprint intervals is that they raise your VO2 max.

    2. Zone 2 is an endurance pace, suitable for base training to build your aerobic fitness. If you are training seriously, a lot of your time will be spent in Z2. Recovery rides should be spend in Z1 or even no zone at all, they should be seriously easy. Whether you need recovery rides depends on how you are training. If your typical rides are only 25 miles I'd guess not, unless you're going very hard.

    3. Don't care. If they work, they work.
    There have been many days when I haven't felt like riding, but there has never been a day when I was sorry I rode.

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