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    Mini-LED helmet lights?

    Do any exist?

    What I would like is a mini-LED light for my helmet, just enough to look around and find stuff in my trunk bag, and see my computer. I don't want something that is really noticable. No offense guys, but I think alot of those helmet lights just look Ultra-Dorky, especially if you don't need such a big light. Besides, I would want to get a tiny light that blends into the helmet, so I can just leave it attached without looking bulky and having to remove it during the day.

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    Something like this would be nice. Small and setup to stick to the front of your helmet without looking like a giant growth on the front of your head. Basically, it could have a few little LED's, and a couple watch batteries on the sides, with a tiny on/off button on the bottom. It could just be adhered with some 3M two sided tape, etc. Has anybody ever thought of this, or make one?
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