Anybody do the Steelcase MS tour in Windsor, CT today? I did it with my friend and BF member spindog (I was the one in the Primal Wear dog jersey, if anybody saw that). On and off rain of varying intensities until about the half-way point, and then it seemed to settle down to temps in the mid 60s or so. Hello? Mid 60's? It's June! We did see the sun for about two seconds at one point. Actual shadows!

I got my first flat in ages, which I will blame on the rain. Oh well, it was an easy change, and I was overdue anyway. There were a lot of people fixing flats, so I think the rain had something to do with it. We wound up averaging 15.5 for the 100 route (yeah, I'm slow... My legs felt strangely sluggish all day though). We stopped a bunch of times for a variety of reasons, but all-in-all it was a good day and it benefited a good cause.

And now my bike needs one serious cleaning! I think the bike's real color is blue, but right now it looks like dried caked-on mud.