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    Force Force Review

    So I recently switched from Shimano 105/Ultegra mix to SRAM Force group. Now that I have used it for a while I thought I would write a bit about my experience. From the start I found brifters to be more comfortable. Specially when gripping them from the top with two fingers on the brake levers and two under them (not sure if this makes sense). Great for climbing out of the saddles. I think SRAM found a good compromise between huge Shimano and tiny Campy brifters. I did loose one of the hand positions where your arms are parallel to the bars, lying on top of them, and you are grabbing the brifters (I call it cheap mans TT position). I mean you can do it, but since brifters are smaller it's not as comfortable. Although now that the cast is off and I can ride in the drops I don't really miss it all that much.

    I also like the performance of the shifters. It took almost no time to adjust to double shift. The pull on the front derailure is shorter then on Shimano. Which I like. Specially with my weak left wrist. There is no trim adjustment, but I haven't needed it yet. I run compact 50/34 with 12/27 at the back. So I do cross chain big/big at times. Just the nature of the beast I guess.

    Rear derailure performs quite well. There is a solid "clunk" when you shift. At first I thought that the shifting was actually slower because of it, but when I tried to down shift rapidly it was about the same speed as on my Shimano setup. Of course SRAM has the same awesome feature as campy where you can pull the shift lever in and just down shift with the flick of the wrist while still holding on to the handlebars. I think on one of the fast group rides it was the difference between me staying in the draft and getting dropped. Up shifting is a bit iffy thought. Few times it would up shift few cogs then down shift one. Since it's happening less frequently now I think it's because I still haven't fully adjusted to the shifting pattern. Still I prefer how SRAM shifts to Shimano.

    Overall I am really glad I made the switch. I think my next bike will have SRAM on it. I haven't experienced a problem where finish starts to come off the parts, but I didn't have the group for that long. So I can't comment on that part one way or the other.
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    There is a trim adjustment. Its on the small ring tho.

    Ive also found tho that you really dont need it.

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