I've been on the lookout for a new bike and like many, started to look into the Caad10 lineup. I'm in a 59cm Bianchi Via Nirone, looking at a 58 Caad10. I know the Caad is stiffer and lighter, but I've got lots of results on the Bianchi that tell me not to worry about weight. I can't find a large difference in the geometry of these two bikes. Any differences seem to be within a swap of a stem. I pretty sure the rake on the bianchi is actually more aggressive than the caad10. It is awfully late, so if I'm missing something big here please let me know! How is it the Bianchi got the reputation as a long haul cruiser and the Caad10 is the sportiest lil bike ever?

Caad10 Geo

Bianchi Geo