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    HED FR wheels Stallion Build durability

    I am considering the HED Jet 6 FR Stallion Build wheelset.

    The wheelset comes with the HED C2 alloy rims with 60 mm carbon fairings, HED Sonic carbon hubs, Sapim CX-Ray spokes, 20 radially laced front wheel spokes and 28 double-crossed rear wheel spokes. The HED site states that the wheelset is for riders up to 225 lbs.

    I weigh 205 lbs and intend to use these wheels for 50 mile to century rides, with average speeds of 20-25 mph, on fairly flat surfaces but with somewhat fair road conditions that vary from good to poor.

    My current everyday wheelset is a pair of Prowheelbuilder custom built HED C2 rims, White Industries H2/H3 rims, Sapim CX-Ray spokes, 28 double-crossed laced front wheel spokes and 32 triple-crossed rear wheel spokes.

    So, does anybody else have experience with HED Stallion Build wheelset?

    Do you think a 20/28 spoke wheelset would be strong enough?

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