Just upgraded to a Scott Foil 40 over the weekend (will upload photos on the appropriate thread later!); as part of the negotiation, the LBS agreed to throw in a Fulcrum Racing T (racing 7 rims, racing 5 hubs) wheelset in lieu of the shimano 501 set that came with the stock bike. The question is, I have a wheelset custom built by a friend for me, using 105 hubs and dt-swiss rr465 rims...I don't have a chain whip so i can't change them on my own and try them out...i know fulcrum racing t is a pretty basic wheelset, but the dt-swiss custom was not "expensively built" either...so i am looking for the collective wisdom of the 41; which wheelset goes to the scott foil, and which wheelset goes to the fuji roubaix is up to you! your help is greatly appreciated!
ps1. I know I know these are basic wheelsets and i should upgrade to something better, and i will be saving towards that goal accordingly.
ps2. loving the scott foil.