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    Looking for opinions for a "maybe too large frame"

    Picked up my first road bike, a Trek 1.5 in 64cm, a few months back. After reading countless thread and searches on fitment and sizing in general, I think it may be too large for me. I am 6'3" and from what I am seeing from charts and other online info, I fall into the "acceptable" size for the frame....but several folks have said it was too large.
    I have flipped and lowered the stem and don't feel as if I am driving a tank when I ride, and I know without seeing me on the bike, its very tough to make a remark here, but I am left with two options.
    Option 1 - Have the bike professionally fitted for me. First comment out the LBS fitter was that the 64cm was too big....but he would gladly make it fit me for the price of their fitting. Which leads me to have an option 2.
    Option 2 - Purchase a frame and transfer all of the components over to the new frame. If I do that, I would need to find a like model that would accept the tiagra setup. Anyone done this or have a comparable model to a Trek 1 series? Don't have a ton of money to spend, but could also possibly sell the old frame(less than 100 miles on it)

    So, before killing myself with online research, I figure I would throw this out to the forum and see what you would do. Little background - Always rode the trails and recently started road biking(on my 29er - why I wanted a rode bike). Longest to date is 16 miles, but training for a mini sprint tri and would like to work up to a full tri next year. Really enjoy getting out and seeing the countryside and would like to increase my distances to do long hauls.
    Thank you all in advance!

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    Need a side pic of you on the bike.

    What you need to realize is that the size number given to a bike by a manufacturer is just a number. Sometimes the number doesn't correspond with any of the actual frame measurements. It all boils down to height and body proportions. If you have a long back there is no reason why the bike should be too big. If you have long legs and a short back there is a possibility the bike could be too big. but at your height you could possibly ride some size 58 bikes too. I'm 6'5" and there are 58 that could fit me, althoug they would most certainly be too low to be comfortable. It all boils down to the kind of riding you do.

    So, do you feel comfortable on the bike? I'm guessing you are not scrunched but does the bike feel too long? You will know when the bike is too long because then it feels really bad. All your weight on your hands, lower back feels strained and upper body feels unsupported. Scrunched is a bit more difficult to diagnose by feel, and that is where the side pic comes in handy. You should be relaxed and nothing should feel strained. Ok, we got the feel down, next topic.

    If we assume that the bike is not too long, then the only negative side you might get from a frame that big is a very tall head tube which makes the bike really high. This will limit your possibilities if you at some point want a racier riding position. But since you seem to be new to this, it will take a while before you get there. As long as your handlebar is level with your saddle or a little lower, all is good. The position we are looking for is that your back is at 45 degree angle and your arms are at a 90 degree angle compared to your torso with a small bend in your elbows. This can be achieved with the handlebar level with the saddle. If you want a smaller (lower) back angle then the handlebar needs to be lower or you need more bend in your elbows. Or you can use the drops, which is a fantastic place to hold your hands if you are looking for a speed boost. Some people make the drops their main riding position, but normally it's the brake hoods.
    But when talking angles the most important one is the 90 degrees between arm and torso. It can be a little less (85 can be considered acceptable, but not recommended) but not much more. I have been trying different setups on my 2 road bikes recently and I can't really go one degree above 90 without it feeling horrible. Feeling too stretched and uncomfortable. The pros sometimes have more than 90 degreed between arm and torso, but hey, they are pros. Don't do pro with no experience.

    So to sum it up, if the bike is not too long, and the handlebar is at least level or lower than the saddle and you don't feel bad on the bike, then it's probably not too big. The only bad thing in such a big frame is that you might not be able to try so many things with fit as with a little bit smaller frame. But that isn't really a big minus side to be honest.

    Give us some pics, without them we can't really say anything. Also, total body height tells us nothing. Inseam with total body height will tell us a bit more, but not much more.
    do that three times with a friend and get the averages.

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