I just got into cycling a few months ago (didn't ride since I was 14 and had a Kmart mountain bike). 32 now, bought a hybrid 3 months ago (mid-end Korean brand - I live in Seoul). Quite liked it, got everything setup. Ended up having a terrible crash on the paths (someone cut directly in front of me from the opposite lane, 8 stitches to the face, several cuts, scrapes, bruises and a badly swollen and sprained left index finger which finally got out of the splint and my orthopedist approved motion and exercise despite it still looking like a sausage and barely being able to bend it - doing therapy currently) I thought I'd get back on the horse. Thankfully the idiot's insurance is paying for all my bills which left a few extra bucks in my pocket.

The hybrid was fine, had it checked out by my bike shop. I was already thinking about trying out a road bike. They're hard to come by used in Seoul (well on CL at least), cost a small fortune at the bike shops and rarely do they have 55cm+ or large frames. Curiously an ad came up for a Giant SCR on CL, purchased new in 2012 for about $250 USD/CDN. I fired off an email asap to check it out and met an incredibly nice girl who said she paid over $800 for it but much preferred her Fuji hybrid and couldn't be bothered to try to get the best price out of it. She was incredibly nice and even gave me a stand-up pump and helmet. She couldn't have been a nicer person and thankfully she's quite tall (177cm, I'm 180cm) so the frame size is potentially a good match (medium, I tried a large out in a shop on an SCR3 after responding to her ad to see and it felt a bit big and stretched out, the medium felt nicer and the salesmen tried his best to put me in a new one lol).

She wasn't sure if it's an SCR 1,2, 3 or 4 and neither am I, I can't tell by the markings, I'm a complete noob still. I think it's a 3 or 4 based on the SORA shifters. She also doesn't know if it's a 2011 or 2012 model. After breaking hard on a few occasions the front tire seemed to rub the brake on occasion, this is probably something I'll get looked it, gonna take it in for a tuneup anyway, some of the shifts were a bit clunky compared to my hybrid (Acera) so it could probably use a look over by a proper mechanic.

Did I get a good deal here? The price I paid seems like an absolute steal so I really saw this as a very low-risk purchase, she told me she got dozens of offers to buy at her listed price but chose me since I was the first to respond. Maybe this is some ultra-low end Asian-market SCR? She upgraded the pedals but everything else is stock.

Thoughts and opinions would be appreciated. It felt fine to ride except for some shoulder and neck pain which happened when I first started on the hybrid as well.