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    Topeak Bar X-Tender?

    (I decided to move this to the hybrid forum)

    I own a hybrid and I am doing a drop bar conversion. So I decided to post this question here as I feel you in the road bikes forum have more expertise involving this topic.

    I am planning on keeping all of my hybrid gearing and brakes and using Tektro r520s for brake levers. I am hoping to keep my same trigger shifters for the drop bars save money of course.

    I found these online:

    I plan on mounting the trigger shifters for ease of use while I'm riding on the break hoods, here is a picture to show you what I mean, but with a Minoura Space Bar:


    I have heard of the unreliability of the Minoura Space Bar, but I heard the newer ones are better. I like the bar on it more because it is metal, compared to the one on the Topeak which is plastic, but I hear the Topeak mounts more securely to the bar.

    Does anyone own or know anything about these products and their reliability? Or does anyone use a type of bar extender like this for mounting trigger shifters? Any advice would be amazing.

    Thanks in advance.

    -T Ride
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