Sorry if these are stupid questions, but I'm building my first bike and am still trying to figure a few of the technical bits out.

I'm interested in using FSA's Gimondi Single Speed Chainset, but I'm unsure about chainline / chain ring clearance related measurements.

My frame is a 2013 Surly Ogre and the specs say it has chainring clearance 26/36/46t.
(I'm not sure exactly what that means or how to figure that into the equation.)

The frame also has a 73mm BB shell.

The rear hub I want to use (Alfine 11 Speed) can achieve a 47.5mm chainline with a reversed Nexus cog (I have read somewhere).

The Gimondi says it has a chainline of 45mm and recommends the 110mm BB. So can I assume that the 45mm is with that in 110mm BB?

If I were to use a 115mm BB would that then place the Gimondi at a 47.5mm chainline?

If you know how the chainring clearance fits in up there, is the GImondi a viable choice for me?

Thanks you for absolutely any help any of you can be here,