2009 Rival group still going strong, many thousands o' miles, still counting.

The right (rear) brifter had the known problem - the pawl carrier breaks at the thinnest point - and failed twice.

The first time was within the three year warrantee period. I found the local SRAM dealer, who advised bringing the whole thing in to the shop in a ziplock bag, which I did, and, a few weeks later, voila! There was zero hassle, none, the receipt wasn't required (I do have it).

The second time, last fall, outside the warrantee period, the local dealer (different town) said that they'd have to do the install, meh, forty bucks, o.k. ...meh. Again, no hassle, and this time SRAM replaced both units. The new brifters have a much improved pawl carrier - it won't break like the older ones.

So, kudos to SRAM! Whoohoo!

So I "had to" re-cable the bike after, not so bad. The shop doesn't do the job like I want it done, and, to be fair, no one does.

I'll buy SRAM crap, uhm, stuff again.

Ritchey crap, noo way. I've a mtn wheel set, which the cassette body is proprietary, it seems. The local Ritchey rep/dealer COULDN'T GET one, however, lead mech at the Specialized shop "knows a guy" at Ritchey, so, for $40, turns out I can get the cassette body, but, BUT, one has to know someone, what a joke. No answers from Ritchey.

Time crap, noo way. Their mtn pedal, shure it's very cool design and all, but the bearings and bushings do not last, baad design. No answers from Time - talk to the haaand.

Look crap, well, maybe. The pedals still turn real nice after two years, but there's discernible play, while the lookalikes I retired have zero play after some 30K miles - the material that holds the cleat wore away to the point where clip-outs could occur.

Burlap shorts, hahaha!