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    BBC Documentary : I Commute by Bike in Dammam

    This is an Arabic BBC documentary we helped capture about commuting by bike
    (Featuring a recumbent) in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. It is 10 min.
    We uploaded an HD version with Arabic and English subtitles here, Click on CC:

    If you want to see the original from the BBC channel, it is here:

    the video should start at 11min and 25seconds where the clip start!

    We covered many aspects including:
    Benefits of cycling
    How deal with Heat?
    traffic Congestion
    Culture problems
    Bike Lanes? Bicycle Driving?
    Islamic Sharea Laws VS Saudi :Traffic Laws
    Dealing with accidents and how to claim your right on the road!
    How those people learned about cycling and commuting by bike safety
    Some types of Bikes

    This is a written report in Arabic, if you like google translate


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