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    Bike Purchasing Advice

    Are either of these bikes worth buying for a university student? My uses for the bike will be commuting to the grocery store and my classes.

    Thank you for your time.

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    The prices are ok- not great not horrible
    But IF that Schwinn actually has a full chrome molybdenum steel frame-main frame-all 3 tubes and maybe the stays also
    it is a decent frame
    The Trek 800 might have a full crome moly main frame
    BUT it MIGHT have JUST a chrome moly seat tube
    some 800's had all 3 tubes chrome moly-some had seat tube only
    and really cheesy cheap out
    so read the decal and buy the one that has the most chrome moly in the frame
    Otherwise they are very similar and worth the $125-$135
    Yes I would try to beat them down to $100-but $125 is an OK price
    Get a lock-make sure both have eyelets to put a rear rack on-useful for carrying grocery "stuff"
    Too bad you aren't close-i have a Trek rack-dirt cheap
    PS- Get a good lock- 15mm thick 6 ft long cable is OK in HIGH traffic areas-daylight-but heavy motorcycle U- lock is what you need for other areas
    all locks can be defeated- usual bike U-locks are so small they are useless-you can't easily put them thru anything sturdy-while going through your frame and rear wheel-and the ft wheel you should remove(in iffy areas)

    pps that trek 800 rear wheel isn't quick release-and doesn't look like the original wheel-cheaper wheel-
    and least one of the schwinn wheels isn't QR-not sure what it came with
    read decals carefully for type of steel-
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