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    Quote Originally Posted by bt View Post
    The Ultegra 6700 on my 2012 Madone works great. I bought it new in March 2012 and had the dealer immediately replace the 105 cassette and chain with Ultegra so it's 100% Ultegra.

    really? before you wore it out?
    Yes, I have the brand new 105 cassette and chain sitting on the shelf as emergency spares.

    My previous bike was a 2011 Madone 4.5. It had a mostly 105 group on it. About the only thing I wasn't completely happy with was the shifting, so when I bought my Madone 5.2 I wanted the group to be 100% Ultegra. If that made the difference or not, I don't claim to know for sure, but I know the 100% Ultegra set up I have works great.
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    Sorry to revive an old post. I planned on changing my inner cable to a ptfe one, and installed it a few weeks ago. Taking off the hood rubber several pieces off plastic shards fell out. Must have been damaged all along. Now shifts 100%, and I am a happy camper. 6700 is just fine...although Di2 is calling my name very loudly.

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