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    Quote Originally Posted by znomit View Post
    Never ever ever draft a TT bike.

    Those guys and gals don't stop for anything. true. We have a TT brit that's like 6 5' and rides in our group. When we stop for a break at 25 miles he keeps on going for 60 miles! Fast skinny guy but i always wonder if i maybe offer him fish and chips he would stop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mpath View Post
    Bit of an oxymoron here: drafting in a paceline on a TT bike. As most triathlons disallow drafting, training in a paceline on a TT bike kind of defeats the purpose of it. The purpose of an "aero" TT bike is to be faster solo than a comparable rider on a roadbike.
    Actually, as a triathlete I ride with friends on road bikes in a pace line fairly often. I just never draft; I sit on the front and set a hard pace. When I tire, another rider is who is equally strong as me on a road bike will pull out to take the front of the line...unfortunately, once he is in the wind, he cannot hold the same pace I can in the aero position. I ride a Cervelo P5-6 and my back angle is a pretty aggressive 20 even with the aggressive position, it's obvious drafting me still saves energy.

    As for the safety aspects of riding....while there are certainly safety differences between riding the drops and the bars, a MUCH bigger safety factor is the judgement of the rider on the front of the pace line. I tend to be cautious....any time I think there is a possibility I will need the brakes, I'm on the bull horns with my elbows low to stay as aero as I can...and as ready to stop/steer quickly as I can.

    Fun rides are when you get a few "type a" guys on TT bikes drafting...just putting the power down and creating pain over a 180km stretch. Damn damn damn I love those rides in the hot summer months! Between the speeds we maintain (42-46km/h) and the "whoosh whoosh whoosh" of deep section and disc wheels....we sound like a train coming through when we over take pace lines of recreational riders out for a weekend spin.

    I've never understood the rivalry/animosity roadies have for tri many tri guys started off as roadies!

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