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Road Cycling “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.” -- Ernest Hemingway

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Best wishes.
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Originally Posted by Daddy View Post
Condition update as of Sunday, 8:00PM EST as reported directly from a family member: "Physical therapy didn't get to him. He's staying over night. They got him to use a walker and it made him dizzy and he got sick. But, he's seeing much better. Hopefully, he will go home tomorrow."
That is fairly good news. Sounds like it could have been worse.

10 Wheels -- take it easy, heal-up.
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Crap! Heal up fast. I have special place in my heart for the man, he was the first one to welcome me to the BF
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Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery, 10 wheels.
Originally Posted by coasting View Post
stems should be short. short and thin does the trick.
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Siu Blue Wind
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10 wheels is a tough cookie and I know he's going to pull through. But in the meantime I will be praying that he feels better soon (I KNOW he will GET better) and is back to himself 100 percent. Sending love your way, 10 wheels!
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Originally Posted by making View Post
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Originally Posted by Long Tom View Post
Oh man... sounds like my concussion... the repeating speech stuff (looping), I did that for a couple of hours.

10 Wheels- get well man and I hope your recovery is swift and sure!

I did whole bunches of cognitive rehab and testing and it was pretty recent. I may be able to help you out. Be advised there's (probably) some heavy emotional stuff inbound. Keep you loved ones close, DO NOT DRIVE A CAR, and give your brain weeks and weeks of peaceful, quiet rest in a dark place. I'm not kidding. Brains are adaptive and malleable and you can "hardwire" in stress vectors and involuntary responses and so on, if you push a healing brain.

On the upside, the biggest turning point for me came about 9-10 months in when I started back to highly aerobic exercise. It helps a LOT. Being an avid cyclist you'll be able to dial up the wattage and bathe your brain in oxygen, once you can get back on the bike.

Best wishes and do not hesitate to ask about this stuff!! I have BTDT and might have valuable insights or suggestions.
I also had a similar experience, about 12 years ago.

I do not remember the accident but only "waking up" in the hospital, after coming back from a CT Scan. When asking how long I was asleep my mom informed me I had been awake the whole time (about 2 hours) and repeating a phrase. Apparently after the accident I ran into my parents house and said "I think I was in an accident, I need to go to the hospital." I bounced back pretty much straight away, thankfully, and got right back onto my bikes.

I do not know you 10-wheels, but I hope the best of your recovery.
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Long Tom
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That's great, and let's hope that's what awaits 10 Wheels. And in fact that's by far the biggest statistical likelihood, too, I think.
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Best wishes for a quick recovery!
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Tom Stormcrowe
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Yikes, get well soon, there's enough staff in hospital already!
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Ditto on the recovery.
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All the best for a speedy recovery Fred.
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I rode with Fred a few years ago and I cant think of a better ride. I talked to Dave last night and he said that Fred is doing ok. Dave was riding with him, when this accident happened. He was to far back to really see how it happened, but someone else called 911 right away. I think we'll probably get the rest of the story from Fred, when he's back home.
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Take care Fred! I am sure you can't wait to be home.
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Sending thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.
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aka Phil Jungels
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Yikes, just saw this - prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. And, I hope the bike is OK, too!
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Heal up, Fred. Sending prayers your way.
Originally Posted by Xerum 525 View Post
Now get on your cheap bike and give me a double century. You walking can of Crisco!!

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Feel better, 10 Wheels.
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OM boy
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well bummer on that

here's to a quick recovery
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Hoping for a speedy return to cycling 10 Wheels. And how's the bike. Some for you too Tom. Hope to have you back soon.
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Here's hoping you have a quick and full recovery.
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10 wheels is home!

Condition update, Monday, 4:30PM, EST. According to posts on a family members Facebook site: Fred came home today, despite yesterday when he was having trouble keeping his eyes open, had an elevated bp and didn't want to go home because his head hurt. Evidently, he is still sore, dizzy at times and has blurred vision and sees double. He does NOT remember the fall or the ambulance ride afterwards. End

I hope Fred can take over on these posts soon because the last place I want to be is between he and his computer or bike!

I've been trying to keep up with the posted comments not only here but on other sites as well and it does my heart good to see the outporing of comments from wellwishers, THANKS GUYS, and yes, the GALS as well or perhaps even, 'especially'.
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Originally Posted by Daddy View Post
I hope Fred can take over on these posts soon because the last place I want to be is between he and his computer or bike!
If he is still having those type of symptoms he should not be using a computer or focusing on anything other than resting his brain. This is standard protocol for concussion management. can probably find NCAA protocols that we use with college athletes somewhere. we don't even let them text on their phone and watch tv.

Get better Fred
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God Speed 10-Wheels!
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OMG, wishing you a fast and complete recovery.
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Glad to hear of the progress!

Hope to read soon about 10Wheels getting out and doing a century ride. Best wishes!
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