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    Road bikes and RVing

    Interested in how others have adapted riding to the RV life. We are still struggling with basic problems. How do you: carry you bike, find places to ride at each new campground, store bike when not riding (security and weather issues), have insurance to cover bikes on the road, get parts and anything else that comes to mind.
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    I mounted my carrier on the back bumper of our travel trailer. Works fine, but you can't see it when driving, so I add a few extra bungees just to be safe, and check it fairly often (only takes a second to run back for a glance at a stop sign).

    Finding new roads to ride is the fun part...I generally google up a route or two ahead of time to get started and then pay attention as we drive in for cool looking stuff to hit.

    I bring along most minor stuff as far as maintenance goes, but if something happens and I am forced to drink beer by the fire for the rest of the weekend, I am OK with that.

    I do not do anything extra with insurance. I keep my bike in the trailer for the most part when not riding.

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