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Thread: Rolf wheels
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    Rolf wheels

    Building up a new bike and considering these once more.

    Any lovers or haters here?

    Will appreciate input from folks who have actually ridden Rolf for a while.

    I put a set of the old Vector Pro's on my Colnago in year 2000, lots of training, a number of races and they have never missed a beat. On the downhills, I seem to freewheel faster than most and anything above 25mph I always feel as if there is a slight advantage, it could be just perception.

    Anyways, the only time ever I had to do tweak one, was when a squirrel got churned through the forks, bending one spoke ever so slightly. Pic below.

    Any other experience appreciated.

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    jeez...poor guy didn't even come close to making it through! And with so much space!

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    I have a set of Rolf Vigor RS wheels on my Roadeo. I can't fault them so far; I've been riding since the beginning of the year with them and I find them stiff, quick to spin up, brake well, and they roll smoothly....look cool too. I like the wider brake track...I think these are 22mm wide, so I can put 25mm or even 32mm tires (which I am riding on now) on them pretty easily. My LBS is a Rolf dealer, and they kinda talked me into these, but I think the recommendation was solid. Great wheels.

    BTW, nice Colnago.

    Here is a picture of my Roadeo with the Rolfs...if it comes up

    Roadeo small..jpg
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