Hello all!

I have just changed my brakes from 1993 Shimano 105 Dual Pivot BR-1055 (reach 47mm-57mm), to 1998 Campagnolo Veloce Dual Pivot brakes, and am experiencing a slight drop in performance. I bought a Faggin from 1993, with Shimano RX and have swapped the Shimano Groupset for Campy Ergo, hence the change in Calipers. I have Veloce 8 speed Ergos from 1994/1995 and brand new Campy cables, and Mavic MA2 rims.

I still have the same pads fitted (current issue moulded block Shimano pads with 500km on them), and the only difference is that the fit on the Campy seems toed-in, whereas the 105s were fitted flat against the rim. (I have no spherical bolts, just screw straight into pad).

Sooo, the question: I'm feeling a slight loss in performance, only a slight loss, but still, not what I was hoping for. The Veloce caliper flexes slightly, something which I didn't notice on the 105. Do you guys think the toe-in in is the reason for performance loss? Or the fact that the pads have already worn at a different angle. Or are Veloces know for felexing, hence the loss in performance. I'm hoping to upgrade to Koolstops soon anyhow, once I figure out which ones I need! I think I just need the reassurance that the vain choice of having matching shiny Campy brakes won't make my tiny hands ache.

Any advice appreciated!!