I think this is a worthy challenge & cause worth sharing. Hopefully you'll agree and help spread the word.

Check out the RideWithGPS challenge - Catch That Thief!

Friday, August 22nd - Monday, September 15th

In the US alone, a bike is stolen every 30 seconds. Thatís not a typo, thatís a problem. A $400 million a year problem. Our friends over at Project 529 are trying to do something about this epidemic by helping bike owners protect their bikes and use the power of the community to help fellow cyclists find their stolen bikes. To help spread the word, and give you a chance to turn your ire for bike thieves into miles on your bike, we decided to create this challenge. By registering and riding your bike, you could win some super cool prizes.
If RideWithGPS isn't worth your time then at least check out the Project 529 site, sign the petition, and register your bike(s). As a biking community I think we owe it to ourselves to all do this.