This is my 2013 Trek Domane frameset. It is a 60 cm frame. I am including along with the frame the following parts: originial 110mm stem, original (but smooth) headset bearings, original headset cap and spacers, the fork, new bottom bracket bearings with covers, originial (setback) seatpost, original cable guides at front of headtube (front and rear derailleur), rear of top tube (brake) and bottom bracket (front and rear derailleur). I am leaving everything disassembled so the buyer can inspect everything easily.

The bike has the typical scratches from 2 1/2 years ( and 5000+ miles) of riding:

the chainstays (pictured) have scratches from shoe contact, only paint to primer - no structural damage
the downtube has one chip to the primer
the top tube has a chip underneath the clear coat that is prominent. It has not compromised the structure (as inspected by a Trek mechanic). It happened when a tool hit the top tube.
the fork has a few chips down at the dropouts.

Other little things that are worth mentioning:

the stem has a brown stain from the rubber pad underneath my Garmin mount.
the seatpost has marks from years of having a small saddle bag attached.
the cable guide for the brake housing at the rear of the top tube is detached. Originally it was riveted but the rivet corroded. It was professionally removed (by a local mechanic) and replaced using silicone.
a sleeve has been installed to make routing the rear derailleur cable easier. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to successfully install sleeves for the front shifter or the rear brake.

This has been a great bike. I am selling this bike to fund (pay off the credit card) the next bike. It rides very smooth especially on rougher roads. The IsoSpeed design is very effective and efficient, more so than other touring / endurance bikes I have ridden.

Price is $700. The bike is already packaged to ship.