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    Keith Lippy 57.5cm Very Unique $3,000.00


    Keith Lippy Provenance (Various Classic Rendezvous members knowledge)

    This custom Keith Lippy bike was built for David Laffen of Laffen’s Bike Shop in Clairemont Mesa Calif (suburb of San Diego) in 1974. The bike originally had a fixed seat post brazed in and was latter converted to use a standard seat post by frame builder and painter Xavier Schwartz. David made the lugs for Keith by splitting lugs and bending the points. This blacksmithing on the lugs is very rarely seen as most ornate lugs are cut from blanks., i.e. the metal was already there and the shape was revealed by cutting away all the metal around it. In this instance there was no metal there until David cut into the lug and bent those pieces into the curly shapes.

    Mark Bulgier a full time bike designer-builder for over 20 years from Seattle, WA after looking at photos of this Lippy wrote “ This is my favorite bit of framebuilding craftsmanship I have seen in awhile - and I just got through looking at about a thousand pictures from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS).”

    Harvey Sachs noted bicycle collector after viewing the Lippy photos on Fllickr wrote “ My Hetchins Italia Spyder has similar ‘cut’ lugwork, nicely done but not as elaborate as on this Lippy”

    I acquired the bike from David Laffen in 2008 and had it painted by Keith Anderson in 2010.

    Keith Lippy, a highly regarded and accomplished frame builder from Oregon, was known for building exquisite tandems and single frames.

    This bike is a priceless piece of American frame building history.

    Not ridden since Keith Anderson repaint
    New tubulars
    Polished Components
    Additional Photos at Flickr site

    Shipping at cost
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