Up for sale is my Van Dessel Country Road Bob

Measurements as best as I could measure are as follows:

TT c-c = 52.5cm
ST c-c = 48cm
ST c-t collar = 53cm
BB drop = 2 3/4" (+/- 70mm)
Wheelbase = 100cm to 102.5cm

5cm of steerer above headset, 100mm spacing front, 130mm spacing rear.

All cable "braze ons" are removable, and all are present. Headset is a little gritty, but the cups look ok. If I was keeping it, I'd replaced the caged ball bearings with loose bearings and ride on....

Overall frame condition 8/10. Pictures represent its condition nicely. Sorry, I the bottle cage bolts were harvested for another bike.

It's hard to find any comps; Seems to be a scarce frame on the interwebs.

Pricing? $325+shipping USPS obo. Feel free to PM questions or what have you.

(Country Road Bob decal is ONLY on driveside, which is normal as far as I know)