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  1. Fat bike for summer Mt Bike events and rides

    What are all your thoughts on using a Fat Bike Year round. Right now i use a fat bike for winter snow biking. Seems many people are getting rid of regular mt bike for fat tie for summer racing
  2. Bike Riding Destinations in the World

    What would be some of the top bike riding destinations in the world, from road and off road riding, more less like to know of places to tour as well places for day rides as well, any links to...
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    Alcohol tips in water bottle

    Ok i do long endurance rides in winter at even temperatures -30C. anyways been using the insulated water bottles with hot liquid, does work, more less liquid freezes takes longer.

    Anyways i read...
  4. Tempo Intervals - types and Endurance

    I need some suggestions of doing a different method for a tempo interval

    at moment. doing two 23 minute ones at 75% hrt or like zone 3 HRT more less
    5 minute recover then second one.
    2x. offer...
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    Convert MTB to Gravel Grinder

    427273Hello all was not sure what forum to put this in. I have an old Mtb. 1996
    Maxam Light Heavy Weight. the one i have is 16 inch frame, LX - some XT component,s a 2004 manitou shocks on it.
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    Just a question would a chain catcher help a...

    Just a question would a chain catcher help a little bit, like one of these guys?
    Chain Catchers for Road, Cross, and MTB Bikes - K-EDGE
    Chain Catchers for Road, Cross, and MTB Bikes - K-EDGE
  7. Benefits to Tubeless tires on Fat Bike to Tubed

    ok I like to ask what are the benefits to riding Tubeless tires on a fat bike
    presently i run tubed tires , on my newer kona Wo
    right in snow up here in ontario, canada
    -30 temperatures etc
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    Look like i have to grin and bear it, since the...

    Look like i have to grin and bear it, since the chainring was changed when the shop did it, as to make it all fit. so more less i just have to muscle it up more and not use the lowest gear.
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    Hi there an update, yes with the low pressure,...

    Hi there an update, yes with the low pressure, the tire does wallow a bit on the rim. this is only when i have it at a very low psi, reason i was riding that low ,i was riding across a frozen river...
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    Problem with Tire on Fat Bike

    Ok I like to ask a few things on this. Got my fat bike back in November 2014
    so just over a month old.

    Kona Wo
    I had the shop convert the gears to 1x10

    And we changed the tires to a Ground...
  11. Best Video Setting for Recording Bike Video

    What do you all recommend for best settings on Action camera, for best video quality,

    FHD 30 FPS
    HD 60 FPS
    HD 30 FPS
    VGA 120 FPS

    This is for when recording while riding. I have a Gear Pro...
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    Store Your Tube For Fat Bikes

    Just a question and open to suggestions for all people who ride Fat Bikes. For everyone who uses tubed tires. Where do you store your spare tube when you go for a ride? at least when you remember to...
  13. Hi there I buy your SJ1000 off of you if your not...

    Hi there I buy your SJ1000 off of you if your not going to use it , lol,
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    Regarding on your Garmin Vibe. when you order do...

    Regarding on your Garmin Vibe. when you order do you find the mounts very durable? I like to get one for rear facing camera? is this a good camera?
    would mounting the camera under my seat, does the...
  15. Gear Pro vs Other Cameras like Go Pro

    Ok all I have a Gear Pro camera that was a good price compared to a Go Pro.

    I like to get a camera at least better one that would give better quality video.

    I think the Gear Pro is a get what...
  16. How to secure Camera to Helmet - Gear Pro

    Hello all I have one of those Gear Pro - action cameras

    tryin to figure out how to securely put the helmet mount onto my helmet, its a Bell Helmet

    has the one strap and the mount, can't seem to...
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    Hydration in Winter time

    So where I live in winter its below freezing on average temperatures. Around - 10C and more etc.
    Been using thermal water bottles for when i go fat biking, but everything still freezes

    So i need...
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    Fat Bike forum

    Hi all I know there is a winter cycling forum. I think it be fair to add in a dedicated Fat Bike Forum. I know it comes with Mt biking. But regular mt biking and fat bikes are abit in different...
  19. Fat Bike - Tire Pressure on Groomed trail

    Ok suggestion of a tired pressure. This will be for riding a fat bike on a groomed XC ski trail for a winter time race

    the event is the Fat Bike Birkie later in March 2015
    37km on a groomed XC...
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    Bike storage stands

    Anyone know of any good bike stands i could use to better store my bikes in the basement. right now , my collection is all leaning against each other on wall.
    any bike stands etc i could get that i...
  21. Asking for feedback from bike rack users

    Ok so i like to ask all people who use bike racks on their cars to transport your bike. Presently i have a sedan and when i transport my bike i just take front wheel off and put bike in trunk etc of...
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    Bike Rack questions

    Just a question about bike racks.I have seen some bike racks that connect to under neath the car. i am wondering where do these type connect to underneath.

    So for a helping hand, i have a 2005...
  23. Fat Bikes and Drive Train in Snow - maintenance

    Ok all what should i do with regular maintenance of my Fat Bike. tHat i use to ride in winter. Riding is on trails etc, in snow, but clean snow, i try best to stay off the salted roads etc. So more...
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    the cargo bike is badass man! good job

    the cargo bike is badass man! good job
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    Here is my fat Bike, purchased November 2014...

    Here is my fat Bike, purchased November 2014
    Kona WO - 421548
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