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  1. to update. It is a 2014 Kona Wo, When I bought it...

    to update. It is a 2014 Kona Wo, When I bought it i had shop change it to 1x10. and they did use spacers etc.
    the tires I changed them to at time to max frame could take, which is a 4.6 Ground...
  2. new gear ratios for regular mt bike

    SO what is the change in gear ratios regular mt bikes are running now. My fat bike i have a 1x10

    what are the mt bikes doing now. I am talking more high end for someone who wants to race.
  3. chain rubs on rear tire - fat bike in larger gear

    So i ride on my Fat Bike - Kona Wo - when i bought it, upgrade gears to 1x10

    Now i ask do all fat bike with this set up have similar problem of rear tire rubbing on chain when in the 10th gear, or...
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    Hi there I have done the event about 3 times so...

    Hi there I have done the event about 3 times so far, the 99 miler, and will be doign it 4th time this year. Sign up as they get over 1000 people doing it now. its lots of fun, mix terrain, it is a...
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    Was this cheating?

    Just a question in the past Tour De France with Lance Armstrong.

    It is the question of the one where Lance avoids crashing with another rider by cutting across a field to the road on other side?...
  6. Fat Bike Birkie - Cable Wisconsin

    doing the 2015 Fat Bike Birkie next week in Wisconsin.
    Anyone in the past ridden this event. just wondering what tire pressure should run considering its going to be a groomed course on xc ski and...
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    oh really, hmm, i did take the 6 days off prior...

    oh really, hmm, i did take the 6 days off prior as i was feeling brief sickness coming on, which i was able to get rid of. but thanks for the information, will take that into consideration
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    Frozen Dinners Bad for Events?

    Just a question, for on a budget prior to doing a large out of town bike event. the day before my source of carbs is usually pasta, but i been getting those frozen dinners, like Michelinas pasta as...
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    Thanks for the feedback,very helpful. This past...

    Thanks for the feedback,very helpful. This past week i had to do a recovery though, was feeling quite low after the 40 miler as i had got dyhydrated at the time, feeling good now, but will figure on...
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    well no drinking alcohol at all. as for...

    well no drinking alcohol at all.
    as for sleeping, i work nights, so often 5 hours sleep in day time, night of events, though i been on normal schedule and sleeping a full 10 hours before event, ...
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    Sluggish this season

    I know its early in bike season, but i been racing already this year (fat bike ) in winter snow,
    so last 2 events, each a week apart
    one was 40 miles and last one 20 miles,
    after the 40 miles i...
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    Thermos Water Bottle in - 15C

    Ok all need help on a better and warmer water bottle, been using the Camelback Insulated water bottles for cold winter rides, but even at -20C they still freeze, maybe not as long as a regular one...
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    Bar Mitts For Fat Bike - Opinions

    So been riding Fat Bike now for a long while in winter here, and noticed many people using the Bar Mitts.
    Would I be warm with Bar mitts on my fat bike for riding in -25C to - 35C temperatures vs...
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    low pressure tire gauge

    Suggestions of a good or budget low pressure tire gauge, need one to use for my fat bike? which i run tire pressures under 9psi for winter snow

    would a digital car tire gauge work? or suggestions...
  15. Solution to this - Cogs keep going loose

    Bike is a Fat bike - I run the gears 1x10
    Kona Wo
    when i bought bike - upgraded gears to 1x10
    but never changed rear rim or free wheel. the 10 rear cogs just fit on the free wheel
    so been riding...
  16. Fat bike for summer Mt Bike events and rides

    What are all your thoughts on using a Fat Bike Year round. Right now i use a fat bike for winter snow biking. Seems many people are getting rid of regular mt bike for fat tie for summer racing
  17. Bike Riding Destinations in the World

    What would be some of the top bike riding destinations in the world, from road and off road riding, more less like to know of places to tour as well places for day rides as well, any links to...
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    Alcohol tips in water bottle

    Ok i do long endurance rides in winter at even temperatures -30C. anyways been using the insulated water bottles with hot liquid, does work, more less liquid freezes takes longer.

    Anyways i read...
  19. Tempo Intervals - types and Endurance

    I need some suggestions of doing a different method for a tempo interval

    at moment. doing two 23 minute ones at 75% hrt or like zone 3 HRT more less
    5 minute recover then second one.
    2x. offer...
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    Convert MTB to Gravel Grinder

    427273Hello all was not sure what forum to put this in. I have an old Mtb. 1996
    Maxam Light Heavy Weight. the one i have is 16 inch frame, LX - some XT component,s a 2004 manitou shocks on it.
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    Just a question would a chain catcher help a...

    Just a question would a chain catcher help a little bit, like one of these guys?
    Chain Catchers for Road, Cross, and MTB Bikes - K-EDGE
    Chain Catchers for Road, Cross, and MTB Bikes - K-EDGE
  22. Benefits to Tubeless tires on Fat Bike to Tubed

    ok I like to ask what are the benefits to riding Tubeless tires on a fat bike
    presently i run tubed tires , on my newer kona Wo
    right in snow up here in ontario, canada
    -30 temperatures etc
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    Look like i have to grin and bear it, since the...

    Look like i have to grin and bear it, since the chainring was changed when the shop did it, as to make it all fit. so more less i just have to muscle it up more and not use the lowest gear.
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    Hi there an update, yes with the low pressure,...

    Hi there an update, yes with the low pressure, the tire does wallow a bit on the rim. this is only when i have it at a very low psi, reason i was riding that low ,i was riding across a frozen river...
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    Problem with Tire on Fat Bike

    Ok I like to ask a few things on this. Got my fat bike back in November 2014
    so just over a month old.

    Kona Wo
    I had the shop convert the gears to 1x10

    And we changed the tires to a Ground...
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