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  1. Suggestions of a Good Rain Shell

    I like to get a good quality rain shell, one that does let you breathe , as the current one i have is compact but when you wear it, sweat like crazy in it

    so any suggestions of a good waterproof...
  2. Tire Pressure for Fat Bike on Dirt Trails

    Ok so just a question to ask, what tire pressure would you all recommend for summer time on Fat Bike for rides on regular dirt trails?

  3. Fat Bike!

    Fat Bike!
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    Fat Bikes vs Regular Mt Bikes

    I like to ask, who here is going to ride their fat bike on the dirt trails for summer over regular mt bike now that you bought a fat bike this year.

    Tell us why or why not you will use a fat bike...
  5. Hammer Nutrition - Gels or Gels in the Jug/flask

    Just a question for those of you who have use the HAmmer nutrition Gels

    What format you used? In gel pouch or the Jug and pour your own in a flask, what did you find work better?
    I have used the...
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    favourite GELs

    For all of you who use Gels in events or rides. What brands and tell us why you like them? just curious to what everyone is using.
  7. Camelbak or any hydration pack recommendation

    Looking to shop for a new Hydration pack, right now i have an old Camelbak 70oz over 10 years old, bladder is all moldy and case is torn

    suggestions for a new one, is camelpak brand still...
  8. what else to add? am i doing enough?

    sO this year i wanted to try to do better in cycling events. from two 100 mile mtb and of course local events

    I want to get faster

    what elements should i add to my routine?

    so far, working...
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    use myfitnesspal

    use myfitnesspal
  10. 3 hour endurance same with another activity

    for doing a 3 hour endurance ride on the bike,
    would doing 3 hours of XC skiing, have same benefit and effect?

    reason it is still winter here and snow. just asking?
  11. thanks so much, ya perpetpeum i have used, but...

    thanks so much, ya perpetpeum i have used, but its like this goop in my water bottle though, like gross
  12. Hi there what products you recommend be just as...

    Hi there what products you recommend be just as same as perpeteum but cheaper? or more less maltodextrin in bulk?
  13. upgrade suggestion for regular mt bike

    Ok i like to ask what are the gear ratios for new mt bikes, regular ones, not fat bikes

    i have a fat bike been riding that as 1x10 and now 1x9 which i love

    my Rocky Mt Element is the standard...
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    red bull and benefits

    I have a question of curious to ask you all. i did a mt bike race last year, of a 100 mile race - mohican 100
    i noticed at the Aid Stations Red Bull was supplied and Coca Cola
    never had any as i...
  15. lower hrt during long event or race

    Ok would this be a result of low calorie and glycogen

    in last event did the Fat Bike Race of Fat Bike Birkie
    i did my hydrogen using gaterade , however by half way point i was just more...
  16. Hammer Nutrition products and real food

    For some of you who use some of the supplements by Hammer Nutrition such as like Race Day Boost or Anti Fatique Caps
    do you find them effective or waste of money
    can one just get same elements from...
  17. thanks, things are working good now

    thanks, things are working good now
  18. ok so i was able to get space and cogs are now at...

    ok so i was able to get space and cogs are now at 1x9 and seems to fit ok and quite firm on the freewheel etc
    so now i need to figure out adjustment of rear derailer, my gear shift still does 10...
  19. Hello all, so update and more advice so looking...

    Hello all, so update and more advice
    so looking at the freewheel, it is obvious that the 1x10 was not meant to go on here.\ i was at the shop when the guys did this, it was holding quite well for...
  20. from looking at it the lock ring is not a full...

    from looking at it the lock ring is not a full fit. as when i got the bike ,it was not made to run 1x10 actually
    so from looking at the cog, you can see with the extra ring, that the lock bolt is...
  21. threadlocker on rear cogs? good or bad idea?

    Have a fat bike . Kona.
    run for gears 1x10
    on rear cogs. have a problem with the cogs coming loose every so often.
    I have tightened it properly , with wrench and even taken it in to the LBS to...
  22. Hello all quite experienced on fat bike now,...

    Hello all quite experienced on fat bike now, having done the Frozen 40 as well this year. doing the Fat Bike Birkie this weekend which is going to be a groomed trail, . up here been usually riding at...
  23. to update. It is a 2014 Kona Wo, When I bought it...

    to update. It is a 2014 Kona Wo, When I bought it i had shop change it to 1x10. and they did use spacers etc.
    the tires I changed them to at time to max frame could take, which is a 4.6 Ground...
  24. new gear ratios for regular mt bike

    SO what is the change in gear ratios regular mt bikes are running now. My fat bike i have a 1x10

    what are the mt bikes doing now. I am talking more high end for someone who wants to race.
  25. chain rubs on rear tire - fat bike in larger gear

    So i ride on my Fat Bike - Kona Wo - when i bought it, upgrade gears to 1x10

    Now i ask do all fat bike with this set up have similar problem of rear tire rubbing on chain when in the 10th gear, or...
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