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  1. ?Question? Charity Cross @ Lake 'Het Zilvermeer

    I understand that T.B. is in the forefront of this image, but in this picture Maarten's Quick Step rig has some different graphics, so I'm wondering if anyone happens to know why Maarten...
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    Sticky: Have: Thomson Elite X2 100mm 31.8 0...

    Have: Thomson Elite X2 100mm 31.8 0 degree Black New-Installed for measurement, but not ridden/used

    Would like: Thomson Elite X4 90mm 31.8 0 or 10 degree Black New or in...
  3. Headset Pictures

    Greetings again
    Here are the the pictures of the classic Campy headset that I'm hoping to identify
    Once again
    Best regards
  4. Help Identifying Classic Campagnolo cranks/headset

    Hello all,
    I believe that these are 70(s) Campy record, but does anyone happen to know how to ID what year/model these Campy cranks (pictured) are from?
    I also have what I believe to be a late...
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    First, I would like to say thank you to everyone...

    First, I would like to say thank you to everyone for their input/help regarding my Merlin information search. I have recently tracked down my former teammate whose father was the original owner of...
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    Serial # info on 11 Yo Merlin

    Hello All.
    I am trying to find the best place to look in hopes of gathering, original, build info on a 1999 Merlin road frame, because I am not sure if it utilized custom or stock geometry. Does...
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