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    Let's add up the debates.....

    My way of cleaning a chain vs my way of cleaning a chain vs my brothers way of cleaning a chain vs the only way to clean a chain

    Touring on a mtb vs buying a dedicated tourer

    My tires vs your...
  2. A Bike Is Supposed To Have A Freakin' Kickstand...PERIOD!

    I finally got one for my commuter and am very happy I did
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    American made; thank you couldn't have said it...

    +1 - Extremely well written.

    The best tubing/geometry depends on the rider (especially weight), his riding style, where he'll ride and how long he'll ride; my custom builder even considered my...
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    Have You Given Your Bike a Name?

    Mine is the green one when talking to my wife/kids. Anyone else, it's the 520. So to answer the question, no.
  5. Looking for a commuter bike in a college town...

    I'd say if you can get it down to 250 you're good...bring someone who knows a lot about bikes/mechanical things if you don't. I've heard nothing but good things about disc brakes. Oh and make sure...
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    Touring and fishing

    I'm looking at getting this for backpacking/touring, has great reviews.
  7. I'll give the rag a try...yes I was running it...

    I'll give the rag a try...yes I was running it backwards. Degreaser would drip off chain when outside of the cleaner chamber. The wiper things apparently don't dry the rollers just the sides.
  8. Nice customer service!

    Nice customer service!
  9. Pro Gold Bike Wash ruined matte pain. Any way to fix?

    What about matte powder coating? Is it the same type of issue? Reason I'm asking is my commuter/touring bike will be getting the overdue tear down, strip and powder coat this winter. (Lived on the...
  10. +1 on the curiosity of this. Is it that op is...

    +1 on the curiosity of this. Is it that op is buying a new stem anyways and don't want to shim a brand new part if you can find
    it in the correct size? From a mechanical standpoint shims are...
  11. If you did yours inside I will try again. Nothing...

    If you did yours inside I will try again. Nothing to loose, already bought it
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    Thinking of Commuting to Work

    If its the 22 mile each way, consider multi mode or part time. At least at first. That's a long way. Not saying it cannot be done, just saying the distance is significant.
  13. Yup metropolis is huge, fits a case of beer with...

    I love Chrome, but just can't get a laptop situation that is good. Their only messenger bag built for laptop is the Buran and it's too puffy... it's thick you know?

    The Metropolis is a monster!...
  14. I'm getting one. Thanks for the recommendation. ...

    WOW, 9 bikes not yours to maintain, you either have a lot of kids or wives! :)

    Get one of these, you can clean 3 chains at a time. I just use Dawn and water. You can use degreaser in it too, I...
  15. I must've done it wrong...(chain cleaner)

    Ok, so I drank the chain cleaner kool aid and I broke down and bought a finish line chain cleaner. The past 8 years I have taken my chain off, put it in a mason jar with degreaser, shake, shake,...
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    Any bike will do?

    The ideal commuting bike is what you finally end up deciding on. Many variables, the most obvious IMO are the distance of the commute, your luggage requirements, your personal preference, and...
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    Back-Pack Drag - Revealed!

    Sweet. So trunk bag least drag, Then panniers, then backpack? I was assuming backpack to be second and panniers to be 3rd but with the legs in front I could see this. Now can you do it in a wind...
  18. Obsessed with finding perfect commuter/laptop bag

    +1 for chrome. I have the metropolis. I put it through the ringer and is the most durable anything ive ever owned. Even doubles as a beer cooler in Guam at the beach :)
  19. That video was straight awesome! I wrench on...[/QUOTE]
    That video was straight awesome! I wrench on bikes quite a bit and had no idea that was possible!
  20. What to do when your bicycle is disabled in the middle of nowhere

    Personally I fix it, short of tacoing a wheel or shredding both tires at the same time. (Only 1 spare) I can't think of another issue that would keep a fully loaded tourist completely stranded....
  21. Rear derailleur comes out of tune easily

    Cable tension is probably your only problem. You tube it. every cyclist with deurailers should learn this IMHO.
  22. Although supposedly very reliable, what happens...

    Although supposedly very reliable, what happens if it does in fact fail? If a FD totally fails you have 7,8,9 or 10 speeds depending on your bike. If rd fails, same in front. What happens if a igh...
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    When is low gearing too much?

    I have the 520, and I wish I had lower gearing just on my commute. Couldn't imagine carrying a full load. Will be getting 24 tooth soon as well
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    Finished my winter commuter!

    I finally saw the after pics. Bike looks sweet and I'm jealous. Nice job.
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    Back-Pack Drag - Revealed!

    Have you done it with rack and panniers, or basket, rack with trunk, etc? Really interested in other commuting standard cargo variations. Nice work with the backpack
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