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  1. Metro buses - bike racks and usage question from a first-timer

    I'm looking into commuting by bike + bus from North Seattle to downtown on Route 41, which arrives and departs from the Metro tunnel during rush hours. I've never taken a bike on a bus before and...
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    OK, let's see if I can get this to work... ...

    OK, let's see if I can get this to work...

    And here it...
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    Bought a Townie!

    After making a few trips to the grocery store on my Raleigh Passage, I started to yearn for an old school ladies' bike with a step through frame.

    Throwing my leg over the panniers and seat of my...
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    I don't know if this'll work (can't figure out...

    I don't know if this'll work (can't figure out how to post pics here) but I'll try - There are our 2 rescued lab mixes;

    Stella and Hazel...
  6. Have you considered the Iowa City Bike Library,...

    Have you considered the Iowa City Bike Library, even for just a temporary solution?

    To navigate to their info, go to this site, click on "links" in the left nav, and they are under "bike...
  7. Just wanted to chime in - I went to The...

    Just wanted to chime in - I went to The University of Iowa. :-) I was there from '93-'95 and remember Coralville being underwater in all those floods.

    I just bought a Raleigh Passage, which is...
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    Fellow Coumadin Patients; Precautions or Advice for a newbie?

    I've just started riding (for recreation, not racing - nothing hard core), and wondered if those of you on Coumadin had any advice that I should keep in mind?

    I'm on Coumadin for a year due to...
  9. My bike

    I can't figure out how to make the image show up in the post like you did (even using the insert image icon)... how'd you do that?

    Here is a link to a photo of my bike...
  10. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll have to check...

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'll have to check those places out. :-)

    Those would definitely be Saturday or Sunday treks for me since I live in North Seattle - you'd be able to spot me by my...
  11. Suggestions for easy/beginner Seattle trails?

    Hi All,

    I just started riding again after not having touched a bike for years. I've got a hybrid/comfort bike - a Raleigh Passage 3.0.

    I'm still getting my bearings and am on the hunt for good...
  12. Thanks for the suggestions!

    I've checked the places suggested to me here, plus a host of others that I found on a Cascade Cycle club list.

    No luck finding exactly what I now know that I want; a 19" Raleigh Passage 3.0 in...
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    Another Seattle Newbie

    Hi there! I'm just now on the market for a new bike for easy, recreational riding.

    My husband has decided to bike to school at the UW this fall, and I figured that now was as good a time as any...
  14. Seattle Bike Shops that carry Raleigh besides Recycled Cycles? (used, preferably)

    I'm a new rider, looking for a fun recreational bike for easy rides. I visited Recycled Cycles on the Ship Canal a few times and fell in love with the Raleigh Venture/Passage models and after a...
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