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    What are the jc Higgins bikes?

    I saw these at swap meet for $100 for both. Is that a good deal? Or are these more or less worthless old bikes?

    Do these have any good resale value if restored?

    I did not see any model names....
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    Thank you, how did you get this to come up? It...

    Thank you, how did you get this to come up?

    It did not come up on Bicycle Blue Book directly nor in searches, nor on
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    Harro mx2 value?

    I need to know what is the value of a used (vintage?) Harro mx2?

    Seen on line but not for sale or a value given.

    Please help.
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    Pickle bath for old wheels?

    I have a vintage bike with really bad rims. Rust, dirt etc.

    I was wonder the following

    1) How do i determine the metal(s) that these are made off?
    2) Can i soak these in an oxalic acid bath?...
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    Best style of riding for pure fat burn?

    What is the best way to ride for pure fat burning purposes?

    Interval training? Or?

    Trying to cross train with my gym work out and trying to avoid those boring machines at the gym!
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    Can a bike be a "lemon"?

    Can a bike be a "lemon" like a car?

    I am just wondering because I sold this guy a bike and he keeps coming back to me with problem after problem.

    I am just wondering if there is such a thing as...
  7. Need id and possible value of this wheel set?

    All i really know is that they are for cruiser and that the tires are Ponely.

    Any ideas on what these are and what the might be worth?
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    Minoura repair stand any good?

    I just found a Minoura repair stand slightly used on Craigslist for $60.

    This seems like a decent deal. However, I have never heard of this brand and am wondering about the quality?

    How much...
  9. Difference between rust and pitting? Pitting can not be restored?

    What is the difference between rust and pitting? Is there a visual or other way to tell? Is there any kind of "test kit" that can tell you if it is just rust or pitting?

    If something is indeed...
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    Khs montana comp. original shocks?

    I just picked up vintage khs montana comp.

    It has shocks that are mounted on top of the handle bars.

    Are these stock? If not do they add any value to this bike?

    Also, is there a brand name ...
  11. Need help with the make and model of this cruiser?

    Can some one please help me id this cruiser?

    I am thinking that it looks like a Firmstrong or maybe a 360?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Where can I get a head badge made?

    I am planning to start my own line of bikes.

    I have a logo design and I was wondering who might be able to make head badges for me? Any idea on the costs?
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    Does metal rescue work?

    I am wondering if the product metal rescue works? The company shows videos where you just soak something rusted in it and like magic it comes out rust free.

    How true is that? Are there any other...
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    Rust vs. pitting? Does metal rescue work?

    How can I tell the difference between rust and pitting?

    I assume there is no way whatever to remove pitting?

    Also, I am wondering if the product metal rescue actually works? I would like to try...
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    Need help with id on this bike?

    Can some one please tell me the make and model of this bike?

    It looks to be on the middle end with telescopic handle bars, shocks on the front etc.

    If some one knows the make and model that...
  16. Does metal rescue work? What about pitting?

    I was wondering if the product metal rescue works? I have seen it but at $25 per gallon I am just wondering. It says you just soak items in it and they come out like new. Is that true? Is there a...
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    Sorry do not mean to offend. Just trying to gain...

    Sorry do not mean to offend. Just trying to gain knowledge on what various bikes are worth and what not. There is no asking for value section for fixies. As such this is where i end up.

    will take...
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    Value of this fixie?

    I have this un marked fixie.

    Can anyone give me some insights? Possible value?
  19. Need help with brand and value of this fixie?

    I just picked up this fixie.

    Problem is that i have no idea on the brand nor possible value?

    As a clue there looks like there is a "g" on the mast head. Hopefully some one can tell me what said...
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    Model and value of this gold cup?

    I have a vintage gold cup.

    I can not see any model number. What might the model be?

    Also, if anyone could give me a value that would be great.
  21. Need help with identification, scwinn? What model?

    I just got what i am pretty sure is a scwinn cruiser.

    However, i do not know that for sure.

    Also, no idea on model name nor possible value.

    Is this classic or vintage?

    If you could help...
  22. Confused about value of kustom kruiser glide deluxe?

    I just picked this up and i am very confused about the value?

    I have seen for $100 but also for $300 or more.

    What is the situation?
  23. Help with value on Nishiki Arial cunningham?

    I recently picked up a vintage Nishiki Arial Cunningham model.

    I looked on line and it says that this bike is "rare" and seen some sold on Ebay for around $200.

    How realistic of a value is...
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    Getting proper value evaluations?

    I am having trouble getting the proper sales price for some of the bikes I am selling.

    1) Is there any kind of alternative to bicyclebluebook? It seems like it is fairly inaccurate in both...
  25. Stapler to use for holding material under bike seats?

    When redoing bike seats what is the best stapler to use? Staples themselves?

    I used a stanly electric stapler and it did not work. For the most part i could not get the right angles because of the...
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