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    1986 Velo Sport Prestige

    I have been riding my dads 1986 Velo Sport Prestige it has shamino 600 components and i replaced the handle grips and new brake wires .... what i really like about it is the white saddle although...
  2. Sticky: Please help me

    Hi all I am a begginer triathalete im 16 and am currently training on my dads 1986 velo sport perstige with shimano 600 and and a new rear weel. he also put thicker tires in it because my older...
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    Canadain Teen Begginer

    Hey All

    My name is John I am 15 and i have take up cycling this summer because I have access to my dads 20 year old velo sport road bike and ejoyed the challange. Now I can't get enough and am...
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