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    Seajaye: I understand putting the tape under...


    I understand putting the tape under the insole. Do you also put it around the inside of the toe box?


  2. Have you thought about having the frame repaired....

    Have you thought about having the frame repaired. You might want to read this: Carbon repair: Options for repairing carbon bike frames -

    I bought a new frame two years ago. Honey...
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    thin fender options

    You might want to try these:

    RCB Reacharound Fender Brackets : River City Bicycles

  4. The Lakes also come in a wide, though the regular...

    The Lakes also come in a wide, though the regular one's are probably a very wide D. Plenty of width in the toe box. You can wear and return within 30 days.
  5. No experience with these but you might want to try Lake MX237


    Just went through the same issue. I bought a pair of Lake MX237. See my review here:

    Liked the Sidi...
  6. 2 years later.

    The saddle has been comfortable. I have probably put about 10,000 miles on it. I have done 2-600k's, 2, 400k's,3x300k,a 24 hour fleche. The Aravis gave a lot more saddle area but the skirting was...
  7. Gilles Berthoud Soulur or Aravis saddles

    Gilles Berthoud Soulur or Aravis saddles
  8. I-Phone & Ridewithgps & external battery packs

    A friend who is a bit visually impaired wants to use his I-Phone as a gps which will give voice directions as well as text cues.

    Ridewithgps has an app that is listed as doing this. Have any of...
  9. Thread: What trail ?

    by jbithaca

    What trail?

    Did this ride last August with a friend. Parked at the Poughkeepsie train station. He took Metro North-need to get a bike pass online.

    We stayed in Hudson, NY at a B&B. Lots of nice restaurants,...
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    Rando luggage conundrum

    I am currently using a Revelate Viscacha bag,
    on the rear of my Honey Winterando bike. It fits almost as much as my Carradice...
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    Parking in Ft. Lee, NJ?

    Any suggestions on where to park in Ft. Lee? I live in Ithaca, NY (about 4 hours North). I want to meet an old friend from Brooklyn and ride up 9W and get lunch in Nyack and take some of the back...
  12. Binghamton to Ithaca

    Look at this.

    I had marked a similar route for the Endless Mountains 1240k which was held in August. I marked up to Owego and then west. I have copied that...
  13. Route to Ithaca from Binghamton

    You could try this
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    Seatbag mounting

    I have used both a Fizik Arione and a Gilles Berthoud Soulor saddle on my Litespeed Arenberg. What I have used to attach my Carradice Low Saddle Long Flap bag is a double D-clip which is made of...
  15. Soulor/Galiber trial continues

    I have been riding the Soulor and it is finally starting to feel a bit more comfortable. Did a 65 mile ride last week on it. During that ride, it felt very hard and unforgiving. I lowered the nose to...
  16. Thread: NYC to Philly

    by jbithaca

    NYC to Philly

    Saw this a few months ago.
  17. Galiber/Soulor saddle

    Just took the plunge and ordered the Soulor racing saddle with the steel rails. I liked the demo Aspin/Aravis saddle that I tried out a few weeks ago, but was concerned about the skirting on the back...
  18. Port Jervis to Brooklyn-Route suggestions

    I live in Ithaca, NY. I am planning to bike to Port Jervis on Bike Route 17 with a few modifications sometime in March to visit my daughter and my best friend. Can anyone suggest a route to get to...
  19. Galiber vs Aravis

    This email was sent to me.

    The plastic crescent piece at the rear of the saddles is not the same. The Tour saddle is wider, has more rivets, and also has two threaded holes for mounting Berthoud's...
  20. Thoughts on the Aravis/Aspin saddle

    Test rode the Aspin for 2 weeks. Due to weather and family travel the longest rides I did were 3 rides of 2 hours. The last two rides were outdoors. One being a slow flat ride with my daughter. The...
  21. let's talk about saddles again, please! any new ideas?

    I am currently trying out a Gilles Berthod Aspin saddle which has been comfortable on the trainer for a long ride of 2 hours. I like the shape except for the fact that even with a Velo Orange setback...
  22. Dimensions of saddles.


    You might want to look at this and I would contact Richard. He and I have emailed back and...
  23. I have zip tied a double clip bolt snap to the...

    I have zip tied a double clip bolt snap to the rear of the rails on my Arione so I can take my Carradice Low Saddle Longflap bag on and off easily. I put D-rings on the Carradice bag. You would be...
  24. Aravis saddle

    The width is OK. Does not chafe but I am aware that it is there. I have around a 4cm drop between my saddle and bar tops and it feels fine on both perineum and sitz bone areas so far, but only a long...
  25. Gilles Berthoud Galiber vs Aravis Saddle

    [QUOTE=budopo;15144323]I posted this question in the Road Riding forum, but I thought I'd post here, too.

    I'm planning to get a Gilles Berthoud leather saddle, but I'm having trouble deciding...
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