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  1. Lazy day rides etc

    Thanks for the reply.

    I used to know Cannock Chase very well. Used to mountain bike nearly every weekend over there.

    I live in Handsworth I used to live Sutton Coldfield when I was single...
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    GPS and maps

    Well we all get lost sometime.

    As you will have found the current Garmin Edge units carry a very limited detail map. Check out the new Edge 605 & 705 but at about 330 not cheap but a much more...
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    Clippless pedals

    I know exactly what you mean.

    Back in the mid 90's I got a pair of single sided spd's which I put on my commuter. The first day I rode with them I misjudged the stopping distance in front of me...
  4. Any members from Birmingham UK please read

    Hi there all of you who have bothered to read this.

    I have been away from cycling for a few years and am looking to get back into it, ime premitting with a new house to sort out etc.

    I'm hoping...
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    Brit and from Brum

    Hi Andy

    Yet another forum member form the UK.

    If anyone from B'ham reads this then please give a me ping.
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