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  1. How would you feel about renting your Bike?

    Hey everyone,

    I am planning to bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles at the end of May (feel free to respond if your interested in joining me). I have no bike, and am researching buying / renting...
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    San Fran to LA at the end of May

    Hey Everyone,

    I am looking for advice and for company to join me on this epic journey. My plan is to bike down the coast at a intermediate pace, and stop along the way to work on a farm. W.W.O.F...
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    Buy, rent, or borrow a bike???

    Im planning on making a two week trip down the Pacific Coast Highway at the end of May. Currently I have no Bike, and I dont need to own one at the end of the trip. As I see it, my options are to:
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    Cant wait to start my first trip

    Hello everyone!!

    My name is David and I recently decided to make a trip down the Pacific coast. I have NO experience riding and am learning everything little by little. The logistics are still in...
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