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  1. AAA MA NH RI CT -- exclusion of tandems

    Somewhere on the AAA Southern New England site it states that the bike must fit on what they consider to be a standard bike rack. They have apparently settled/standardized on one or another rack...
  2. AAA: 2 free bicycle road service calls a year (MA,NH,RI)

    See: AAA roadside assistance now applies to bicycles - News - The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, MA - Quincy, MA

    I keep a membership in AAA despite some disagreements with them. Imagine my pleasant...
  3. bicycle service from AAA of Southern New England, at no additional charge

    I am a cyclist who also owns a car, for which I have AAA coverage. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I received the May 2014 AAA Southern New England "Horizons" from them, saying that at no...
  4. handcycles versus wheelchairs, pros and cons for racers

    According to results printed in The Boston Globe, in the 2014 Boston Marathon, one handcycle racer, Samuel Spencer, completed the race faster than the winner in the push rim wheelchair division,...
  5. Found a scalable photo

    Thanks for the suggestion. Found a useful photo at
    and after measuring it, believe the rearmost part of the Dupont bars, is about 4.5...
  6. Civia Dupont handlebars: cut off ends? one important measurement?

    Two questions are at the bottom.

    Am interested in replacing my black, flat original handlebars on a Cannondale 2011 Quick 4, with something that affords a more upright riding...
  7. thank you!

    Thank you, to everyone who replied. And, special thanks to FBinNY for linking (see above) to the informative and pertinent article from .
  8. rim strip, or, rim tape, recommendations sought

    Had run Armadillo Nimbus Elite 700x38(front) and Hemisphere 700x42 (rear) for about 1,000 and 700 miles respectively on Ritchey Vantage CrossSport rims with no flats, while running at 100 psi. But,...
  9. Replies

    hello from Massachusetts

    After reading posts here that matched some internet searches for bike and parts reviews, I decided I might want to ask a question of my own sometimes. Retired now, never been a "serious cyclist", but...
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