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    How to improve my cadence?

    63" fixed gear and a long downhill run.
  2. I feel cycling is the biggest rip off money wise and who makes it?

    Except for tires and chains, everything I buy is used. Including jerseys and yes shorts. I think the OP is right. And I always get a chuckle when I see cyclists wearing probably $500 in clothing,...
  3. New Fitness Book with Greg LeMond soon to be released

    Another book, cycling and fitness. Good luck with that.
  4. Is there such a think as riders high?

    Blazing up before riding can help it along a little bit.
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    Tires, Traction, Lean angle, and G's.

    Bikes and motorcicles dont equate. Different centers of gravity and the weight differences. Doesnt matter what kind of compound your tires are made with, at a certain angle, you're going down.

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    I think that might be a Schwinn/GB girder style...

    I think that might be a Schwinn/GB girder style stem. Stem and bars could be a take off from a Schwinn bike.
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    Alternatives to Under Saddle Bag

    Spare. tube, levers, a wrench or two go in an old sock. Old toe strap holds it to saddle rails.
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    Ditto. Hire some illegals to do the work. Thats...

    Ditto. Hire some illegals to do the work. Thats how all the McMansions are built in my neck of the woods.

    But good to hear people still are doing manual labor. Its good for the soul.

    I used to...
  9. Pedals for Gitane Grand Sport Deluxe

    I would go with something French. An old Huret Allvit, or Svelto would be appropriate for that bike. You can find them on ebay reasonably priced.
  10. I use one of these holders strapped under my...

    I use one of these holders strapped under my saddle as a saddle bag support. Keeps the bag out a bit so my ginormous thighs dont hit it.
  11. Are you a group cyclist or a solo cyclist?

    I was a solo rider for a long time.
    Now I ride with various groups on the weekends, my only time to ride. Where I live I can catch on to dozens of different groups. Saturday and Sunday mornings THE...
  12. Orange...

  13. I'm not a chemist. The stuff works great. I...

    So you want to trade a relatively nonhazardous, low flash point solvent that you can use in very tiny amounts to do a lot of work for a cleaner that contains up to 5% potassium hydroxide and requires...
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    Tubular:Glue or Tape?

    I'll stick with my data of 40 years and no tires rolled. And really I cant even remember anyone rolling a tire in competition or anywhere. I remember guys taken off the starting line for unglued...
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    Tubular:Glue or Tape?

    More glue the better is a common misconception. Whatever brand you choose you will find its very sticky nasty stuff. Trust the glue. And you do want the tire to come off eventually.

    I've been...
  16. Odorless Mineral Spirits......(Going away from store shelves or ???)

    So why are you using mineral spirits or any kind of petroleum product on your bike??????

    Get some Challenger by Reliable Products. Dissolves grease and oil like nothing else. Heck it will restore...
  17. Anyone wear just regular shorts over their cycling shorts?

    I dont have any problem with bike shorts and jumper. I grew up with wool shorts and jersey, wool tights in the cool months, so no self consciousness there. Although I would get a lot more inquisitive...
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    Recently, I met.......

    I got nuthin.

    My sister married Babe Van de Velde's secretary's son. Babe would be Christian Van de Velde's grandfather. He's almost a relative, kinda, sorta, maybe, not really.
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    Tubular Mounting Question

    3m Fastack 8031. Big tube at the auto parts store is $12. Glue and go. I have been using this stuff since the '70's. I usually wait over night but its rideable in an hour. Last time I put tires on,...
  20. '70's Peugeot PX-10/ PX-10LE ?? 63cm Frame

    This is a mid '70's Peugeot frame. One of the steep angled frames.

    Seat tube 63cm center to top
    Top tube 60cm c-to-c
    Wheelbase 40 1/2"
    Chainstays 17 1/2"

    I dont know why but I always...
  21. The Ramones.. Have Left the Building.

    Back in my yute, when all I did was ride my bike, I would get up, listen to Steve Dahl on the radio, eat a huge breakfast, blaze-up on some of mother natures finest, listen to an album side of the...
  22. what HR zone do many of you 2+ hr ride in? Am I pushing too hard?

    Is all this stuff for real? HR monitor, power meters, this Garmin whatsit? Is this related to wearing copper underwear?

    My primary goal is to ride in the no-zone. That minute or two in every ride...
  23. Second crash in a year - insurance question

    This is 'Merica. Get all you can out of the insurance company. They sure have taken it out of me. Where's Jackie Childs?
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    Motobecane Grand Touring

    ^Just my C&V crankiness coming out.^

    French bikes seem to get dumped on because of unique threads and component sizes. Peugeot, Gitane and others put out a nice line of bikes.

    My gripe with...
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    [QUOTE=Trakhak;16934396] Right. I'd forgotten...


    Right. I'd forgotten that that model came with Weinmann concave rims. Just another way that Motobecane was a counterexample to all the other brands of the day that gave...
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