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  1. VIDEO: Valtellina Extreme Brevet;Stambecco level:345km+8998 m:Mortirolo,Gavia,Stelvio

    Hello !
    I edited my first cycling video of my bicycle tour that I had this year (1828 km + 39441 m).
    This video is about a hard cycling event (extreme level), that I cycled by my touring bike:...
  2. Cycling in Andalusia -my videos of the climbs:Pico Veleta,Puerto Ragua,Tetica Baceres

    Hello !
    Last year I had a 12 days long bicycle tour in Andalucia, Spain. My ai was to cycle up to Pico Veleta (3394 m) and anther high climbs above 2000m + few another panoramic roads.
    I cycled...
  3. video: experiencing the Tour de France feeling as a cycletourist

    Hello !

    In the year of 2010 I met 3 times with the Tour de France which amazed me. It was fantastic to experience how it effects the people: old women went to the road and took place there to...
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    Hello ! In Europe there are bicycle marathon...

    Hello !

    In Europe there are bicycle marathon series and Ötz valley bicyclemarathon (228 km + 5300 m) is (one of ) the most prestigious bicyclemarathon among them. It is the peak of the season...
  5. Thank you :) I can suggest to visit it ! ...

    Thank you :)
    I can suggest to visit it !

  6. video: cycling Mt Ventoux (4 times in a day, 4 different routes): 191km + 6126 m

    Hello !
    There is a challenge about Mont Ventoux for cyclists. You can be member of the Club des Cinglés du Mont Ventoux ( ) if you cycle this legendary climb 3...
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    Hello ! After cycling all of the known paved...

    Hello !

    After cycling all of the known paved ascents of the Alps, Pyrenées, Canary islands and 4 high climbs in Andalucia (Spain) it was time to make a collection about the most beautiful ascents...
  8. video: Monte Grappa challenge (2-3-4-5 ascents) : my day: 261 km + 7241 m

    In the year of 2012 I participated in a great cycling event, brevet that was organised on Monte Grappa (1775 m), a legendary mountain of Italy, where I recorded video. By this event the...
  9. my bicycle tour videos about more than 120 european ascents going above 2000 m

    Hello !

    I have been uploading my bicycle tour videos for few years. If you would see great videos or woudl get ideas where to find nice / beautiful ascents in the Alps or Pyrenées I suggest to...
  10. Canary islands : Bicycletour in Tenerife and La Palma: travelogue + videos

    In 2009 I have a 2 week long bicycletour i these islands.
    You can read the travelogue about it here:

    and there are videos about it too:...
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