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    Elite Endurance Training Systems

    Whether you are looking to complete a charity century ride, gun it against friends during a local hammerfest, finish a half or full Ironman, or compete against USA Cycling's best, Elite Endurance Training Systems offers personalized, specific training programs for cyclists and triathletes of all levels.

    Improving endurance performance, more often than not, results from smart training, not relentlessly hard training. The best way to crest the mountain of success is to follow a training program tailored to your personal strengths and weaknesses, tailored to your goal events and needs. Every athlete is different -- thus, every athlete should follow a different path. What works for Lance Armstrong, for me, for you, is not the same.

    Through fitness tests and training blocks, we will discover what works for you and build on physical gains. By utilizing periodization principles, by tracking progress and changes, by building and tapering fitness to a powerful peak, we are going to achieve maximal improvements and find 100% of your potential.

    My name is Kenneth Lundgren, and I speak from absolute experience. I began cycling in 1999 and started competing soon thereafter. Very quickly, I became a "student" of the sport. I experimented with different training programs, keeping a diligent training diary. I took exercise physiology classes at school and studied training manuals. I learned the importance of a proper diet. I picked the brains of successful riders I met. I worked closely with a team-employed certified power coach. I aced the USA Cycling Level 3 Coaching test. Most importantly: I never stopped riding my bike.

    Today I race for the Northeastern Hardware Cycling Team, competing against professional athletes. Latest result: 15th in the Pro/1/2 Harriman State Park Road Race.

    With Elite Endurance Training Systems, my singular goal is to coach athletes to success by building specific training programs, offering guidance, diet and training advice, and racing tactics. Your victory, after all, is my victory.

    Train smart. Discover your potential.


    Kenneth Lundgren
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