The CELLO bike case/travel system for B.O.B. trailers is now available.

Come check out how this revolutionary new product that turns your B.O.B. trailer into a completely self reliant travel system.

Check out our website at You’ll find everything you need to know about the CELLO along with our new video demonstration.

Ship your bike, haul your gear - the Wandertec CELLO is the bike case/travel system for B.O.B. trailers. A unique design, the CELLO is a tough bicycle case built around a B.O.B. trailer. The CELLO brings your bicycle and B.O.B. trailer together into one shipping case.

Arriving at your travel destination, the CELLO folds-up and packs away onto your B.O.B. trailer. You reassemble your bicycle, attach your B.O.B. trailer, and load up your Dry Sak. What’s next? You ride away… NO TAXIS, NO CAR RENTALS, NO LARGE BICYCLE CASE TO STORE. Convenience and efficiency equal mobility and independence for the traveling cyclist.