On the last Bicycle Radio

During our live interview with Juli Furtado our crack Bicycle Radio research department confirmed that Juli is in fact the “Winningest Mountain Biker”. O.K. I lied, we don’t have a research department but we did Google it and she held the top 5 spots so that counts, doesn’t it?
And, you tell me but I could’ve sworn I heard our host, Sean, say, "…I wish I was a Woman..."

OooooKaaaay…Well…perhaps I should be posting this on JerrySpringer.com instead.

We also talked to Jason Kornetsky and John Nuener from the Tour de Phoenix, oh, excuse me, "EL" Tour de Phoenix. Forgot where I was for a second. John and his wife, Marie, are this year’s dedication recipients. If you're in Phoenix, get involved, make a difference and ride El Tour next weekend! If you're not in Phoenix you'll at least hear the motivations behind why each and everyone of us ride and why life is a little bit brighter when we support our local cycling communities.

(insert long bewildered pause here)

Sorry, I just can’t get that, "I wish I was a Woman", comment out of my head.

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