Hey guys!

Another shameless promo here- in the "Shameless Promotions" section no less.

I am trying to bring this product to the bicycle market. I met the inventor 3 years ago, we got a patent, and have set up manufacturing. Now it's time to do some marketing. (ouch, I'm not a marketer by nature, so here goes)

With the CycleMorph you can ride solo or tandem. I takes 5 minutes to put it on OR take it off, no tools, great for adults and children. It works on a majority of mountain and hybrid bikes.

The CycleMorph is for someone who:
  • Wants to ride with someone who can't keep up.
  • Doesn't want to spend $1200 on a dedicated tandem and a special car rack.
  • Works with children, physically or mentally disabled, or blind.
  • Is considering touring, but it's a once-a-year trip.
  • Wants to do longer charity rides with family members.
  • Is considering a tag-a-long type accessory, but wants something better.

MSRP $550

Check out our website and tell others--- please.